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Ideal Combi Boilers

Combi Boilers

Combi (combination) produce both the heating and hot water for your home in one appliance without the need to store water in a cylinder or storage tank. Combi boilers are well suited households with limited space, where there is little room for water storage. As they only heat the water you use they are also economical to run, you could also save money on your gas bill.

Ideal Boilers

Ideal boilers have been keeping British homes warm for more than 100 years. Ideal boilers come with several prestigious accolades; including a product of the year award in 2014 and reader recommendations from Good Housekeeping magazine. Ideal have a range of intelligent and reliable boilers to keep your home nice and warm.

Logic Max Combi

Based on our award winning Logic+ range the Logic Max Combi combines the Logic+ with our Ideal System Filter giving a full 10 year parts and labour warranty.

Vogue Max Combi

Based on our super stylish Vogue GEN2 range the Vogue Max Combi pairs the GEN2 with our Ideal System Filter to give you a phenominal 12 year*, market leading, warranty.

Vogue Gen2 Combi

The Vogue GEN2 range combines modern technology with premium components to bring the next step in domestic heating intelligence. This stylish boiler delivers premium performance and reliability with ease.

Logic+ Combi

The Logic+ range combines excellent product quality with outstanding value. Compact in size and fully modulating down to as low as 4.8kW, the Logic+ combi provides excellent energy savings making it the perfect choice for a new boiler or boiler replacement installations.

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